How to Hide Typing Status on Whatsapp ?

Do you also want to know how to hide Typing Status on Whatsapp , if yes then you have come to the right place, whenever we chat with someone on Whatsapp, Typing Status appears in that person's mobile.

By which that person understands very easily that we are writing a message for him, but if you want to type without showing Typing Status, then definitely read our article completely.

We get many features on Whatsapp, so that we can improve our chatting experience, such as Hide Online Status , Wallpaper on Whatsapp Whatsapp Deleted Message Recover and many more features are available.

But in today's post we are going to tell you about How to Hide Typing Status on Whatsapp, so let's get step by step information.

How to Hide Typing Status on Whatsapp

Hide Typing Status on Whatsapp

Friends, to hide Typing Status on Whatsapp, you do not need to download any Third Party App, for this you only need to do some setting in your mobile, about which we know step by step.

Friends , the way to hide Typing Status on Whatsapp is very easy, by following it you can also hide your typing status

Step-1. To hide typing status on Whatsapp, first turn off your mobile's Net i.e. Internet Connection.

Step-2. Now open Whatsapp in your mobile and open the chat of whomever you want to send the message and type whatever message you want to send.

Step-3. After typing the message, send the message by clicking on the button of Send and exit from WhatsApp. If you want, you can send the message even after turning on the net.

Step-4. Now you can turn on your Internet or Data, which will send your message, in this way you can chat very easily without showing Typing Status.

2. How to Hide Typing Status on Whatsapp (Another Method)

Friends, if you need to send a message without showing typing status, then the above mentioned method can cause you a lot of trouble because in this you will need to turn on and off the internet again and again, but there are solutions too.

You can use GB Whatsapp , YO Whatsapp or FM Whatsapp instead of normal Whatsapp in your mobile, you get many customization in these MOD APK of Whatsapp, from where you can also hide your Typing Status.

So friends, now you must have understood how to hide Typing Status on Whatsapp, because even if you hide your Online Status on Whatsapp, Typing Status is visible when you are typing.

But if you use these methods then your typing status will not be visible, I hope you must have liked the information, do share it with your friends on social media.

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